Frequently Asked Questions

About Handshake

How can Handshake benefit my business?

Handshake is the handpicked wholesale marketplace for one-of-a-kind brands, brought to you by Shopify. We wanted to build a vibrant community for passionate business owners. A place where brands and retailers could discover each other and connect online.

Where is Handshake available?

We’re supporting the US market for now. But in the future, we hope to expand to more regions globally.

How much does Handshake cost?

It's free to use.

How do you select brands?

We carefully handpick unique brands with unique stories to tell. Quality is in the detail, after all.

What is Handshake’s connection with Shopify?

Handshake is built by Shopify, giving brands the power to manage their Handshake profile and products from their Shopify store platform.


How do I start selling on Handshake?

To get your brand featured on Handshake, fill out our application form and one of our team will be in touch to say hello within a couple of days.

What’s the criteria for selling on Handshake?

We welcome applications from businesses who meet the following criteria: - Your business is established in the United States - You have a Shopify account - You own the brand your products carry – we don't allow you to list products you're reselling from other businesses - Your products comply with Shopify's Acceptable Use Policy

Can I decide who carries my products?

Yes, you're in control. It's your decision which retailers you trade with, so we recommend you carry out all your usual checks and due diligence before doing business with anyone new to you.

Where can I find guidelines for setting up my profile?

Visit our Help Center for step-by-step guides to selling on Handshake. They include setting up your profile, publishing your profile, setting your preferences, and pricing and managing your products. For help choosing and sizing great looking images, we've created photography guidelines. We want you and retail buyers to love using Handshake, so we strive to maintain strict content quality standards. Handshake does reserve the right to request changes to supplier profiles and content, or to accept or reject any imported product, to maintain those high quality standards. If ever you need help creating or customizing your profile, get in touch with our team on suppliers@handshake.com.


How do I start buying on Handshake?

First you need to sign up to join Handshake. Handshake is part of the Shopify family, so if we see you don’t have a Shopify ID, we’ll help you create that first. It is free to get a Shopify ID, and you won't be required to open a store on Shopify. You'll need some info about your business to complete your application: - Store name - Legal business name (if different from store name) - Reseller ID - Business address - Contact details

Do I have to have a brick and mortar store?

No, you do not have to be a brick and mortar store to use Handshake. We welcome both brick and mortar and online stores.

Do I need a reseller ID?

Retailers must have a reseller ID in order to buy on Handshake. We ask for it during your application. This is known by a few different names depending on which state you're in – reseller permit, resale certificate, or sales tax ID are some of the most common. Your state tax department can advise on the documents you need to do business, as requirements do vary from state to state. Your reseller ID tells us that you're licensed to sell to others, and can buy wholesale products without paying sales tax, because you pass the tax onto your customers.

What are order minimums?

Brands set order minimums to tell you the minimum dollar amount they require you to spend with them in a single order, to buy their products. Brands choose these minimum order values themselves. We've built minimum order filters to help you discover products within your ideal price range.

How do I contact a supplier?

When you are logged into your Handshake account, you'll find the green 'Contact supplier' button on any product page, or any supplier's profile page. Once you've written and sent your message, the supplier will reply to you directly, by email.

When will I be able to buy direct on Handshake?

This is just the beginning for Handshake and we're excited to be working on new features, and functionality, to enhance your marketplace buying experience very soon. You can help us build a marketplace you love by sharing your feedback, any time. Get in touch at help@handshake.com.

Have more questions?

Feel free to check Help Center or Contact us