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100% cold-pressed jojoba oil cleanser & moisturizer for sensitive skin - Hoba

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Hoba [ho-buh] or jojoba oil has been a steady beauty staple in Europe for a long time. Why? It is simple, it is hypoallergenic, it does not clog pores (is non comedogenic) and it works on ANY skin, body and hair type.  
  • light, non-oily & fast absorbing moisturizer
  • perfect for priming skin & makeup removal
  • great skin conditioner from newborns and up
  • hypoallergenic, pH-neutral and non-comedogenic
  • for ALL without exclusions

Using Hoba, which is a carrier oil as your natural makeup cleanser is a perfect way to keep your skin healthy and smooth. And for acne-prone skin, Hoba is an incredible natural oil cleanser to help normalize skin oil production.

When I say Katari Hoba - the purest jojoba oil, has no comparison, your only way to believe it is to try it. Read our customers reviews too!!!

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    We travel. We source timeless & elemental Mediterranean beauty staples from the artisans we work with. We package in hand blown glass we make. Our single-ingredient beauty staples and handmade accessories proven by millenia and approved by hundreds of spas and boutiques in USA, Canada and Europe.
    100% cold-pressed jojoba oil cleanser...