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13 oz. Tin Candle – Further Soy Candle

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Burn, baby burn! Our soy candle opens just like a paint can - which means you can close it up and take it with you when you travel anywhere you want Further to scent your surroundings!

The Further soy candle will not only leave your room smelling fragrant and warm, but will freshen your conscience and inspire your soul.

Our natural soy candles are made with purified waste grease from some of the finest restaurants in Los Angeles. Marshall picks up the used grease from the restaurants and then processes it in our warehouse to make sustainable soy candles.

  • Our natural soy candle has a signature fragrance made from the oils of bergamot, olive and exotic grasses.
  • Burns for 70-75 hours.

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Further Products

Minimum $1
Los Angeles, CA
Further Products is owned and operated by Megan & Marshall Dostal, with occasional after-school help from their 15 year old son Wyatt. For years, Marshall drove a biodiesel fueled automobile - he collected depleted waste grease from some of America’s finest restaurants, then converted it into biofuel in a makeshift lab inside the family garage. One day Megan, a former event planner for Vogue Magazine, walked into the garage and became alarmed at what her husband had accumulated: drums of glycerin, a byproduct of the biofuel distillation process. Megan stared at her grease-covered soul mate and lovingly suggested he clean up his act. That's when Marshall decided to take things one-step further. He put the glycerin to work by creating a hand soap – Megan loved the idea, but was not a fan of the smell. So she joined the team. Together, they developed a signature fragrance from the oils of Bergamot, Olive, and exotic grasses to create a scent that is at once clean, fresh and sweetly aromatic. The restaurants that provided the waste grease started using the soap, and Further Products was born. Further Products’ manufacturing process is a full-circle, upcycled, no waste model that the Dostals pioneered. Further is the only company of its kind. That is not hyperbole, it’s simply the truth. Things have changed a bit. The biofuel is now created in a warehouse instead of the family garage, but the company roots and commitment to reuse remain. The hand soap has been joined by lotion, dish soap, candles and more - all made locally in Los Angeles. Further Products are available at fine hotels, restaurants, and retailers nationwide.
13 oz. Tin Candle – Further Soy Candle