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Detoxify & revive your precious skin. Matcha Kalo Mask is a microcosm in a bottle, crafted with ingredients that represent modern-day Hawai'i: a fusion of the Island's roots and eastern-Asian influence.

Kalo, also known as taro or (in its prepared form) poi, is a densely nutritious root that helps to keep the skin clear and minimize blemishes. Matcha, a green tea powder originating from Japan, offers antioxidants, vitamins & minerals for a healthy glow. Rare Hawaiian Red Clay from the island of Maui contains volcanic ash & minerals to repair & restore. Rice flour has a long tradition as a beauty secret in Asia, where it is beloved for gentle exfoliation & smoothing the complexion. A touch of activated charcoal, derived from coconut shells, helps to pull out impurities & leave your skin radiant & refreshed. 


To make your mask, mix about a teaspoon of the powder with water to make a paste and apply a thick layer over your face and throat (avoiding eye area) or as a spot treatment over problematic skin. Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes or until dry, then rinse clean. 

If you're feeling indulgent, try adding honey, yogurt or mashed fruit such as avocado or banana to your mask for a fresh-infused, ultra-nutritive experience! 


*Hawai'i Grown | ºOrganic ~ Kaolin Clay, *Maui Red Clay, ºRice Flour / Oryza sativa,  ºMatcha Powder / Camellia sinensis, *Kalo (Taro) Powder / Colocasia esculente, Activated Coconut Shell Charcoal / Cocos nucifera.


Available in a 2 oz amber glass bottle. Please repurpose or recycle your vessel after you've enjoyed every last bit. Our labels are printed on 100% recycled paper. 

Shelf Life

This elixir is most potent within one year of purchase. Keep in a cool, dry place and avoid getting water into the jar.

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Minimum $100
Honolulu, HI
Indigo Elixirs is a Botanical Apothecary in Honolulu's lush Mānoa Valley of O'ahu, Hawai'i. Our vision is to infuse the magic of plants into your daily rituals with healing herbal body care that supports the wellbeing of you & of the planet. HERBALIST FORMULATED Deanna Rose Ahigian, L.Ac & Dipl.Om, is the licensed herbalist behind every formulation. With over a decade studying various modalities of herbal medicine and holistic health, Deanna Rose draws from traditional techniques and classical herbal combinations to create an ever-expanding apothecary for the body. Healing remedies are the heart of what we do, and we offer a range of elixirs to provide relief from everyday ailments. Our goal is to meet all of your topical needs with blends that are effective, versatile, and a pleasure to adorn. NOURISHING BY NATURE We believe that what you wear on your body every day should be as nutritive as the food you eat, and therefore work only with healing botanicals that are actively beneficial for your entire being. We are proud of what goes into each elixir, and hope you take the time to read through our stellar natural ingredients. ISLAND INFUSED We collaborate directly with local farmers to source the most potent and fresh ingredients available from across the Hawaiian Islands. We are honored to support our growing agricultural community and envision more food secure and independent future for Hawaii. CONSCIOUSLY CRAFTED Every aspect of our business is designed for minimal environmental impact, as the preciousness of our surroundings is always front of mind. Our apothecary is solar powered, and we strive to be a zero waste business. We reuse or recycle everything we can, and compost all leftover plant material for our garden. SUSTAINABLY SERVED Our packaging is intentionally minimalist to leave the smallest possible footprint. All of our labels and, cards & brand materials are printed on recycled paper and products are packaged in recyclable metal tins, glass & compostable tubes. We ship with recyclable & repurposed shipping materials. SUPPORTING LOCAL GOOD We donate to an evolving range of nonprofit organizations that we believe are doing great work for the environment, women’s health, social justice, and our Hawai’i community.