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Aromatic Smoking Shells

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Smoke flavor like you’ve never tasted before . . . Introducing, Aromatic Smoking Shells for your BBQ pit or backyard grill, exclusively by The Art of Pecan.

We’ve mixed recent-harvest Texas pecan shells together with the perfect ratio (our secret!) of premium dried botanicals. 

BBQ masters have known the secret of smoking using pecan shells for some time. Still (few) others have known about the unique smoke derived from juniper berries, pink peppercorns, dried white onion, Jamaican allspice, and fennel seeds. Our aromatic shells combine these secrets into 5 simple yet special recipes: 

Brown & Blue, Pecan Shells + Juniper Berries

Brown & Pink, Pecan Shells + Pink Peppercorns

Brown & White, Pecan Shells + White Onion

Brown & Brown, Pecan Shells + Jamaican Allspice

Brown & Green, Pecan Shells + Fennel Seeds

Use your favorite flavor combination in your backyard grills (charcoal or gas), or just as easily in your professional-grade smoker. Your food will be left with an incomparable smoky flavor.

The pecan shells impart rich wood and bacon notes; the botanicals add just a hint of additional flavor: juniper berries (Brown & Blue) and pink peppercorns (Brown & Pink) are best for steaks; fennel seeds (Brown & Green) and allspice (Brown & Brown) are best for chicken, pork, and fish; and white onion (Brown & White) is best for pretty much everything you'd like to pair with onion 

They're easy to use, and instructions are included. Simply soak the mix in water for about 30 minutes. Then, use just as you would use wood chips on your backyard grill: spread evenly directly on the coals, or place in a smoke box, or in foil set upon the grate. For the pit, it’s the same: spread evenly across your wood chunks, replacing as necessary over time. 

Aromatic Smoking Shells come in a handsome linen drawstring bag, the perfect size for camping and travel. Each bag weighs approximately one pound, which is enough for about 4 grilling outings for a family of four. 


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Aromatic Smoking Shells