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Battle Balm® - Demon Strength All Natural & Organic Pain Relief Cream

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for strong to severe pain conditions

Battle Balm® Demon Strength is the strongest version we offer. Superior pain relief makes this an excellent choice for acute trauma, inflammation, post-surgical rehabilitation, severe swelling, & intense sports recovery therapy. Clinically, we also use Demon Strength instead of ice to speed healing, reduce inflammation, improve circulation and maximize soft tissue repair & long-term health. This is what most of our pro athletes reach for first.


All the Benefits of Original Strength Formula PLUS:
 Highest Concentration of Pain Relieving Ingredients
 Ideal for Sports Athlete Injury & Intense Recovery Plans
 Deep, Penetrating, Cooling Relief
 Most Powerful Over-the-Counter Herbal Formula Available

Made with 100% all-natural and organic plants, Battle Balm® Demon Strength is the go-to pain fighting formula for strong, or severe high level pain.

 100% Battle Balm Guarantee 

We guarantee that our products will help you perform, whether it be in pro sports, or in everyday life. If you aren't satisfied, we will refund your money and help you find what you need.

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Battle Balm®

Minimum $100
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We hand-craft 100% All-Natural & Organic topical pain relief cream & more! We focus on products that contain the purest, highest quality natural ingredients we can source. Superior products come from superior ingredients. Battle for better.
Battle Balm® - Demon Strength All Nat...