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Black Lives Matter White Tee

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"Black Lives Matter....and all lives can't, until black ones do."

I'm sure you've seen and heard these three simple words and you either stand solid with the phrase, you're confused about the it or maybe just don't want to accept the fact that in our country, black lives are treated poorly in many cases. Either way, if you've come here and aren't sure exactly what it means, I pray you open your heart to learn. 

Does "Black Lives Matter" mean that white lives don't matter? OF COURSE not. The point of Black Lives Matter isn't to suggest that black lives should be or are more important than all other lives. (READ THAT AGAIN) Instead, it’s simply pointing out that black people's lives are relatively undervalued.

Think about that...

black people's lives are relatively undervalued.

It's time for us, not just black people, but ALL people to recognize that inequity and bring it to an END so that one day we can say, "all lives matter" and feel comfortable that everyone is including the black ones, too. 

 If you're looking for a biblical representation of what the phrase, “Black Lives Matter” represents, I'd like you to read the "Parable of the Lost Sheep," a story about a shepherd with 100 sheep leaving the 99 safe sheep to tend to one in danger from Luke 15. 

In short, it says this, which are the words of Manny Arteaga:

"If you are a Christian, and can’t hear #BlackLivesMatter without feeling the need to respond with a criticism that “All Live Matter,” then crack open your Bible and hit up Luke 15.

Don’t have it handy? Let me summarize.

There are 100 sheep, but one goes missing.
Jesus leaves the 99 and goes after the one.

The 99: “But… what about us? Don’t we matter?”

Of course the 99 still matter, but they’re not the ones in danger.

The one is." " 

This tee was made with love and light, in the hopes to share that until we ALL can have equality, we have to stand strong for the ones who don't. I pray you hold my hand in this fight. 

I'll end this with this quote:

"It's a privilege to learn about racism instead of experiencing it your whole life." - Ahmed Ali

About the Tee:

This crew neck tee has a classic cut with short sleeves and a perfect relaxed feel. 

Pre-shrunk fabric. True to size, as a unisex tee. If you’d like a more form fitting style, go down one size. Up one size for an extra oversized fit.

This crew neck tee is white in color with a black screen printed design. 

Featuring a signature retail fit, this classic crew neck is all about comfort!

Each tee is professionally screen-printed for retail quality that you'd find in any store! (Yep, that means no possibility of peeling vinyls!)

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Black Lives Matter White Tee