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Boar Bristle Hair Brush with Handle

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Shave Essentials just added a new Boar Bristle Hair Brush with Handle.

Boar Bristle Hair Brushes are a staple of hair care. They keep your hair groomed and healthy, which results in it looking its best. Where most companies opt for cheap plastic , we use a blend of all-natural boar bristles and nylon, meaning this brush can be used repeatedly before needing to be replaced. Shave Essentials' Boar Bristle Hair Brush:

-Stimulates by massaging the skin and yes, this can be used for both facial hair and the hair on your head.

-Makes for an amazing wave brush.

-Reduces hair frizz and improves its texture.

-Saves you money by keeping your hair healthy. You won't have to invest in special products to save your hair.

-Now available with a handle in both red and black.

We've designed our Boar Bristle Hair Brush to be easy and comfortable to use.

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Shave Essentials is a veteran owned company that creates incredible but simple shaving equipment. The idea for Shave Essentials came from our veteran owners who needed to achieve a close, clean, and easy shave every single day. Ultimately, there wasn’t a reliable shave system on the market that could accommodate our owner’s shaving needs  — so we created the solution. After spending countless hours creating the perfect shave system, we have created a line of all-natural and organic shaving products. Not because we’re trying to appeal to trends, but because throughout our tireless research, we found they make the best-quality products. We truly believe that our attention to detail, dedication to excellence, and our commitment to our customers makes us the best shaving equipment company, and shaving subscription company at that. From our Boar Bristle Brushes to superior quality safety razors, we have all of the Shave Essentials you need for a perfect shave  — every time.
Boar Bristle Hair Brush with Handle