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CEU - Clemson, SC Hat

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Aka The Gate City, The Boro, Tournament Town
Did you know...
  • Clemson, SC is home to the Clemson Tigers (obviously), the 2017 BCS national football champions.
  • Clemson's first three head coaches were Auburn grads - once a Tiger always a Tiger I guess?
  • Tired of gameday traffic?  Just boat to the game!  Clemson is situated right on beautiful Lake Hartwell.

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AVIATE is a company that was founded in Birmingham, AL and is still headquartered in the heart of the city! For millions of travelers, the three-letter airport codes assigned to major cities instantly evoke the memories of journeys past, the anticipation of adventure ahead, or the satisfaction of heading home once business is done. Aviate is built on that idea of community. We want all of you to know that your love and expectations of our brand have not gone unnoticed. You are what makes this brand unique. It's customers like you that have truly allowed Aviate to soar beyond the rest.
CEU - Clemson, SC Hat