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Chester's Care Retail Tester Set

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We have created a tester kit for our retail partners to provide a personal experience with our earth-based products. 

The kit includes 1 oz tins of Paw Protector, Snout Smoother, and Hide Healer as well as a pack of 30 mini wipes for dog moms and dads to try out on their own dog there in person or at home.  

They smell great, earth-friendly, and have a purpose.  Each one of our hand-crafted products is structured so that each one can play an important part in your pup's daily care routine.  

Note: This product is only for wholesale purchase from other businesses that are currently carrying or are looking to carry our line of products. 

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We're Carlos & Mike, two long-time dog-dads living in South Los Angeles, CA. We have spent years cooking for our own pets and making their treats. Just like human kids, they have weird issues that many of us “first time pet parents” were scratching our heads over. WE HAVE 4 SENIOR DOGS (3 of them seniors). Chews are perfect size for a yummy single treat or a break it up for 2. They easily break apart and are soft for easy chewing. PLANT BASED & NATURAL. Dogs have allergies & tricky situations we need to help them with. We only use it if it comes from the it's yummy & healthy. TO MAKE AN AFFORDABLE, healthy & unique treat for all humans to enjoy.
Chester's Care Retail Tester Set