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Chester's Tear-Away Bandana in Warm Cotton/Fleece

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We love putting clothes on our dogs. We still need to make sure the cute accessories are safe for our pups!

These soft bandanas are safe tear-aways so you never have to worry about your dog getting their neck wear stuck and not able to break free. 

  • Adjustable Nickel-Free Snaps for Small & Medium necks.
  • Cotton & Polyester
  • Washable & Reusable
  • Minimalist colors

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We're Carlos & Mike, two long-time dog-dads living in South Los Angeles, CA. We have spent years cooking for our own pets and making their treats. Just like human kids, they have weird issues that many of us “first time pet parents” were scratching our heads over. WE HAVE 4 SENIOR DOGS (3 of them seniors). Chews are perfect size for a yummy single treat or a break it up for 2. They easily break apart and are soft for easy chewing. PLANT BASED & NATURAL. Dogs have allergies & tricky situations we need to help them with. We only use it if it comes from the it's yummy & healthy. TO MAKE AN AFFORDABLE, healthy & unique treat for all humans to enjoy.
Chester's Tear-Away Bandana in Warm C...