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Courier Keychain

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Your keys... just like your wallet and your phone, they are always on you and take on every experience you do. This keychain is sure to be the piece of your everyday carry arsenal that you've been missing. Get it in the same color as your freshly customized new wallet, put it on the table at lunch, and watch all the necks snap as they walk by your table at Shake Shack.

For years now you've been holding your keys together with a bent up paper clip and to be frank. It looks shanky. Class up your look with the new Courier Keychain. You'll thank us later.


-Highest quality genuine leather built for the ages.

-Full edge stitching.

-2 key rings so you never run out of options.

-Easy spring loaded quick clip for on the go disassembling.

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Flint Leather Co. Logo

Flint Leather Co.

Minimum $200
Birmingham, AL
Flint Leather Company was originally founded when our owner wanted to take a break from college, pack up a pickup truck with some friends and just drive west. In order to make money before and during this trip they would sell leather wallets, key chains and bracelets on street corners just to be able to buy dinner that night and get gas to move onto the next adventure. That is where the Flint name comes from. Just like flint we hope our brand ignites a fire in you to push on to the next adventure. Big or small. We are all on our own unique and individual path. No one can walk it for your. So get out there an enjoy every moment of it. Our goal here at Flint is to help everyone find their own personal adventure. We are A leather company for people that value form and function equal to style and character, Flint provides luxury items that deliver joy through quality craftsmanship and authenticity. Now get out there and #igniteyouradventure.
Courier Keychain