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Daily Power Scrub Mens Facial Cleanser

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Our Daily Power Scrub is a nourishing mens facial cleanser and wash - an energizing toner & foaming exfoliator. It’s powerful enough to attack dirt, excess oil & grime deep beneath the surface, yet gentle enough to use every day, without stripping your skin of moisture. Potent vitamins & minerals are released from natural & organic ingredients to regenerate damaged skin, clear & reduce the appearance of pores and prevent the advancement of aging.

  • Ideal for all skin types
  • Multi-purpose face wash toner + exfoliator in one
  • Natural & organic ingredients

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Minimum $250
Los Angeles, CA
Determined to find grooming products to help defend his skin from the harsh conditions of his construction job, Ryan searched for a skin-care solution to fit his low-maintenance lifestyle and always came up short. After trying many of the top men’s skin care brands, nothing seemed to hold up. So Ryan and his wife Janine began developing a no-nonsense line of skin care products – dedicated to real men who want to look good when it counts. Rugged & Dapper was born. A straightforward grooming collection that’s ready to fit into your life with ease. We’ve made the products powerful, too. Our multi-tasking formulas get the job done all at once. Fast and efficient, just how you like it. Saving you precious time to live your life without being a slave to your bathroom. But it wasn’t just about creating products to help you look good, it was developing the best kind of products that didn’t cut corners when it came to ingredients. Made in the USA, all Rugged & Dapper products utilize premium, natural and organic ingredients without the harmful chemicals and toxins found in most skincare products on the market. The Rugged and Dapper skin fuel collection allows men to look and feel authentic and confident in any situation. Check out our line of products, we’d love to know what you think.
Daily Power Scrub Mens Facial Cleanser