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Do Hard Things™ Rope - 6mm PVC

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You push hard in training, and you need equipment to Do Hard Things™. This ultra durable fitness rope features a thick 6mm PVC cord with an inner string cord that can be used both indoors on smooth surfaces and outside on rough ones. 

Features: The 6mm cord is thicker than most similar ropes, adding resistance to workouts for a serious arm and cardio burn. 

Who should use this rope? This is a fitness & cardio rope best used in warmups and workouts that feature simple single jumps. Beginners will enjoy the feedback offered by the rope as they learn because they can "feel" it spinning with the heavier weight. More advanced jumpers will use for a more intense workout because of the increased resistance.


  • Length - 10ft
  • Easy resizing system with snap-lock cord ends. Quickly resize to height of different users.
  • Unbreakable 5", low-density, plastic polymer handles
  • 6mm PVC
    • Durably designed for longevity on rough indoor and outdoor surfaces.
    • Adds resistance to workouts for a serious arm and cardio burn.
    • Won't kink when hung on racks or hangers.

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    Minimum $500
    Wenatchee, WA
    OUR HISTORY EliteSRS was founded in 2016 by Matt Hopkins, a former competitive jumper and coach to numerous national and world jump rope champions. His goal from the beginning was to develop ropes that enable competitive jump rope athletes to excel at the highest levels of their sport. His belief was that if the ropes he built would work for them, they'd work for everyone. The result: a premium brand with an approachable, come-one-come-all personality. WHY WE EXIST MISSION - To equip and support individuals attempting to "Do Hard Things." PURPOSE - To be a blessing to our employees, community and customers. We are in business to have a lasting, positive impact on people. VISION - Humans regularly push the limits of their bodies, and use tools to accomplish those feats. We desire to be equippers of overcomers, displaying the human capacity to Do Hard Things. We aim to be storytellers of God's perfect design, creating humans unique from all of creation in worth and capacity. WE BELIEVE Love is greatest. Service above dollars. Durability is vital. Competition reveals capacity. An active life is a healthy life. NUTS & BOLTS Our warehouse and offices are located in Wenatchee, WA. Most of the products you find on our site are assembled here. This allows us to custom build jump ropes for gyms, fitness centers and jump rope trainers. Get in touch if you’re interested in custom colors, branding or packaging for your ropes. We have developed jump ropes for hotel chains, gift box subscription clubs, retail fitness stores, online jump rope trainers and more. We ship to most countries around the world, and we have partners and distributors throughout Europe and Canada. We have a dedicated team of people who pack and ship orders around the world Monday through Friday, every day of the year. Have any questions we didn’t answer? Get in touch! We’d love to hear from you.