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 This luxurious bath salt mixture has all natural ingredients to help unwind the day with a soothing soak.  The hydrating mixture of organic coconut milk powder softens the skin. The natural salts contain vitamins and minerals including magnesium, potassium, and more to increase circulation and detoxify the body.  An essential oil blend of eucalyptus & peppermint provides relief and revives sore muscles.

Muslin cotton bag complimentary with every purchase.

Vegan, Phthalate free

Epsom Salt, Himalayan Salt, Organic Coconut Milk Powder, Essential Oil, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sweet Almond Oil, Botanical Mixture of Rose Petals, Cornflower, Lavender Beds

Bath salts are in a screw top reusable jar.
8oz jar details:
Diameter: 3"
Height: 4"
Volume: 8 Ounce

While filling tub with warm water, pour 1/4 to 1/2 cup bath salts directly under running water or into a muslin bag (if preferred for an easy clean up). Relax and enjoy.

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SAUBOON Handcrafted Soaps

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San Diego, CA
My name is Zulfar and I am the maker + owner of Sauboon Handcrafted Soaps. I have an Accounting background and also a blessed mother of 4 young boys. Sauboon (pronounced 'saw-boon') is the word for soap in the native Afghan language, Farsi. We create our handcrafted soaps right here in beautiful San Diego, California. With countless hours of research and testing, I've created soap formulas using oils & butters that are rich in moisture while also providing the best cleansing lather. We focus on using a variety of clays in our bars. For centuries, clays have been used for bathing benefits. Clays are known for their many properties such as detoxification, promoting brightness in skin and producing a silky soap bar. Clays are also a natural colorant in soaps and gives a beautiful finished product in our soaps. In our native Afghanistan, special clay soaps were used in the hammams both for hair and face, to cleanse, exfoliate and give the skin a fresh glow appearance. These clays derived from sodium bentonite are still used today in the hammams. We hope you give us a try and add Sauboon into your retail space!