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Face Mask - cornflower blue

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The best face mask to get you through how we all must now live in the world. When everyone wears a mask, the rate of virus spread drops below 5%. Let's help each other and all wear a mask.

Two options, two sizes. Choose your mask.
The regular size is for small/medium faces. The larger is for medium/large faces. 
The regular tends to fit women better, the large tends to fit men better. Faces come in all shapes and sizes! These two fit most.

Select ear loops or around the head. 
The around the head style tends to give the most snug fit.
The ear loops are easier to take on and off and is the most popular style.
It comes down to personal preference. 

The ear loop style is made with soft cotton lacing, tied with a slip knot to adjust to the proper size.

The around the head style is made with thin flat elastic for a comfortable, snug fit.

Ours is made from a soft brushed cotton canvas with a dense weave as the exterior layer. 
The lining is a combination cotton/synthetic blend of the absolute softest material you've ever put your lovely face on. It is designed to let moisture evaporate quickly, keeping your skin from getting irritated while wearing a mask. Originally designed as a luxury bedsheet fabric by Nollapelli, where they focus specifically on moisture wicking to prevent long term wrinkles while sleeping. We're super excited to partner with another female run company on what we have fallen in love with as the best material to use for the lining of our reusable masks.

Each mask has the ability to insert the filtration material of your choosing. 

Machine washable.

$29 = 1 mask made from quality materials and ethical manufacturing while also creating new jobs during a global pandemic.

This is version 4
The mask you receive may have minor variations from the photos shown above. We are learning a lot about making these as we go. Please be patient with us as we learn this process alongside you. We feel really happy about the mask we've developed and tested. We wear this mask for 8 hours a day while we work in our shop and find them to be the most comfortable option. Now that a few versions have shipped to customers, we are getting the same positive feedback from literally everyone who wears one. Thanks for the support!


These are personal use fabric masks. These are not medical grade masks. The CDC recommends at least 2 layers over your face when out in public. This meets those standards.

**Masks will ship w/in the USA for free via USPS First Class Mail. 
Canada, $7 
The rest of the great wide world, $20
If combined with other items in the shop, shipping charges will apply. 


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Minimum $800
Seattle, WA
Moop bags are designed and hand manufactured, start to finish, in downtown Pittsburgh. We specialize in canvas and waxed canvas bags designed to be used day in and day out. Durable construction paired with understated minimalism resulting in stylish, utilitarian bags for every day use. We have also developed the very best mask. Made of canvas and the softest lyocell you've ever put your face on. This offers moisture wicking and comfort, allowing you to wear your mask for longer while also looking professional at those face to face meetings that still need to happen, even during a pandemic.
Face Mask - cornflower blue