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In Nature We Trust Long Sleeve

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Who can you trust nowadays? A classmate? Nope. A coworker? Negative. The media? No way. We may just sound like a bunch of tree-huggin' hippies, but here at Wondery, we firmly believe that Nature is in control. What good will resolving environmental issues do if we have no planet to even live on? Our earth is a fragile, living, breathing ecosystem. Will we one day create an ingenious device to reverse climate change? Slim chance. Could we one day colonize the nearby Red Planet? Possibly. This shouldn't mean that we neglect our planet and only reduce our "necessity" for harmful emissions. Earth is the only place we can call home and we must treat her with respect.

After all, Mother Nature knows best - trust her.

  • Heavy long sleeve (thick and weighted)

  • 100% Cotton (combed and ringspun)

  • Retail fit

  • Every purchase supports our mission to empower women outside


  • Machine Wash Cold

  • Tumble Dry Low

*Please note that this product is not a sweatshirt.*

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Minimum $200
Chatsworth, CA
Wondery is increasing our positive impact by aligning our business and our philanthropy with our vision for the outdoors, and embarking on a journey to make our products more sustainable. From here on out, our clothes are exclusively designed for women, by women. We're developing a nonprofit, The Women's Explorer Alliance, to help women and girls from all backgrounds reach their outdoor dreams by providing fresh storytelling, educational and financial resources, and a supportive community. We’re on a mission to make the outdoors a safe, accessible, and uplifting space for everyone. Will you join us?
In Nature We Trust Long Sleeve