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Placed in a larger case or bag, our iPad Pro 12.9 Sleeve provides proven protection in a feature rich design. For all 12.9 models including the 2021 M1



  • Custom designed specifically for all iPad Pro 12.9s including the 2021 M1 model
  • Choose the orientation that works best for you
  • Vertical or horizontal models
  • Works with Apple keyboard cover
  • Durable, waterproof, Black diamond weave exterior nylon fabric
  • Pure Cyan Blue accents
  • Ultra thin, ultra light, ultra protective
  • Fully padded, layered protection
  • Zipperless design will not scratch like sleeves with zippers
  • BrightSight interior design
  • Soft touch velvet interior liner will not harm tablet finish
  • Heavy duty, perimeter bumper seams helps absorbs impacts
  • Optional matching Accessory Pouch available for cables, chargers, adapters, etc.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty  / 14 Day Return Policy 
  • International Orders: Complete shipping costs and import duties will be shown at checkout. You will incur no further costs to receive your MacCase than those shown. 
  • Any questions? Call M-F 760 729 0620 10-4 PST
  • Both models measure : 13.75 x 10.25 x .50

Is This the Best 12.9 iPad Pro Sleeve for Me?

If you're looking for proven protection for your large, heavy and expensive Apple tablet and light weight, ease of use and having a horizontal or vertical options are important to you and you want to spend around $40 for a quality piece, than this might be the best iPad Pro 12.9 Sleeve for you. 

Many creative professionals choose this Sleeve because it delivers the performance they demand while working in the field. Whether you're traveling around the block or around the world, this sleeve delivers. 


  • Both Models: 13.75 x 10.25 x .50


Meet The New iPad Pro 12.9 Sleeve

There are some things in life that are sure things. In the iPad world, one of these sure things is that a release of a new Apple tablet will bring an onslaught of cheap, poorly designed products from fly-by-night and bandwagon jumping companies offering to protected it. Many of the companies that are making these products have been around for less time that Apple has been making iPads. Seriously. 

MacCase has been making sleeves, cases and bags designed to protect Apple portables longer than anyone. We created the market. We are Genesis. The second product our company ever introduced was a sleeve. It was a product that did not follow fashion, the trend or the status quo about what a laptop sleeve was supposed to be.

Not only was it the most protective sleeve available, but in all the time we've been making it, and that's well over a decade, we have never had a single defect. Not one. Luxury goods companies wished they had a quality track record so stellar. 

So you could say we know a thing or two about designing quality, protective sleeves for Apple portables. When it came time to sit down and design the MacCase iPad Pro sleeve, we literally drew on our 20 years of experience to create a product we think you are going to love.

Our iPad Pro 12.9 Sleeve - Why It's Better

At MacCase, we have gotten pretty good at creating products that look deceptively simple. But once you start looking at them, reading about them, watching videos and actually using them, you realize how much actual content has been designed in. Our new iPad Pro Sleeve is just such a product. 

Whether you choose the horizontal or vertical orientation, the idea behind offering two designs was to give you, the customer, a choice. Many of our customers carry vertically oriented bags like a backpack. While just as many carry a horizontally oriented bag like a messenger bag or a briefcase. By making two different models designed to work with each orientation, you can choose the best orientation to meet your needs and best protect your 12.9 iPad Pro. 

It looks pretty, and pretty simple but that beauty runs deep. Let's start with the materials. A tough, super durable, diamond-weave nylon keeps water, dust and dirt out. Speaking of getting things in and out, there are no zippers. Zipper scratch. How much did you pay for your new Pro again? Do you really want to drag it over zipper teeth 2-3 times a day? 

Each model utilizes a "monocoque" approach inspired by what you find in race car design. The front and rear panels are one continuos piece. This improves protection and overall build quality. (We have a reputation to live up to!) It also allows for a perfectly smooth panel to set the case down on. This makes getting your new Apple tablet in and out a breeze.

iPad Pro Sleeve Compatible with the Smart Keyboard

Both iPad Pro 12.9 Sleeves are compatible with Smart Keyboard. Apple's popular accessory fits perfectly inside each model when mounted to the 12.9. Whether your are using theSmart Keyboard or not, getting the largest of Apple's tablets into or out of our Sleeves cannot be any easier. 

To top it off, we accent the rich texture of the nylon material with our Pure Cyan graphics that add interest without being a billboard. On the rear of each model, we created a unique graphic from our symbol logo that appears to disappear and then reappear as the light plays across the surface. Now you see it, now you don't graphic design. 

We lined the interior with the latest version of our BrightSight 2.0 interior cyan blue interior fabric. Then lined the exterior with a perimeter bumper seam tape to protect against bumps and knocks. We could go on, but we think you get the idea. Every part on our new sleeve serves a purpose, to protect better, to function easier, to last longer and to be a joy to use. 

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Minimum $300
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In 1998 MacCase invented the Apple-specific case market. For over 20 years we have provided some of the world's most demanding customers with innovative laptop and tablet protection solutions. We offer 2 distinct lines of Apple-specifc and general use models, one in leather and one in nylon. Our Premium Leather Collection offers the pinnacle of Apple portable protection handcrafted from ethically sourced hides. Our Nylon line is a value leader with models starting around $40. If you're a reseller looking for an alternative to low quality Chinese made cases, bags, sleeves and backpacks, partner with a brand with a proven 20+ year record of success, MacCase.
iPad Pro Sleeve