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This candle shares notes of lavender, sandalwood, and lemon.


This candle has a peaceful feel to it. The smell of lavender reaches you lightly as it dances through the air.


Top notes: Zesty lemon
Heart notes: Lavender
Base notes: Sandalwood

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E. D. Caylor Candle Company Logo

E. D. Caylor Candle Company

Minimum $210
Wichita, KS
I make scented candles to spread light. I founded the E. D. Caylor Candle Company in 2018 because I realized I had never seen a person walk into a candle store angrily, smell candles angrily, and leave a candle store angrily. Candles spread joy to the people around them, and I want to be a source of joy beyond just my community. In pursuit of this goal, I took a sabbatical in Paris to improve my craft, and I came back with mentorship, a wealth of knowledge about fragrance, and - most importantly - a solid vision for what I want my company to become. I want not only to make candles, but I want to create a business that exceeds the expectations that consumers have for their practices and products. I make all candles with a sustainable coco-soy wax blend and a pure cotton wick for a clean burn and strong fragrance. My scents are inspired by stories, memories, and the simple pleasures sprinkled throughout life. In line with my purpose to light up faces across the world, I donate at least 10% of revenue to non-profits for youth and for human-trafficking victims via monetary and in-kind donations. Please join me in spreading light.