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Monstera Leaf Hanging Propagation Station

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Adorn your walls with the magic of plant propagation. Featuring a magnificent Monstera leaf backdrop, this hanging propagation station comes with one large test tube for your plant cuttings. The wall-hanging design frees up space in your indoor garden and spruces up your walls effortlessly. The tropical aesthetic and the minimalist appeal of the natural wood allow this plant accessory to blend into your home decor while leaving a bold impact.

• Natural, unstained wood
• Clear test tube lets you keep an eye on the root development
• Available in two wood finishes to match your home decor
• Each propagation station is handmade to order 

Propagation station measurements are 15” x 3.25” with tube and string.


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Minimum $75
Give your houseplants a breath of new life with my collection of handmade plant accessories & gifts for people who love plants. From trellises to propagation stations, I have spent the past year creating products that give your plants all the love, care, and support they need to thrive and look their best. Each item that you buy is handmade in-house, ensuring that your plant receives all the attention it deserves. So whether you’re starting your own little indoor garden or want to spruce up your home with some green cover, look no further—pick one of my decorative accessories and create Pinterest-worthy plant setups. PLEASE ALLOW 2-4 WEEKS FOR SHIPMENT OF YOUR WHOLESALE ORDER! I am a one woman show making these in my home studio! Thank you :)
Monstera Leaf Hanging Propagation Sta...