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NICU Journal - "Our NICU Journey"

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When your baby is in the NICU, understanding everything that's happening in your baby's life can feel overwhelming and confusing.

The more you know, and the more you understand, the easier it is to feel calmer and more in control.

One of the most powerful ways to get this understanding is by keeping a journal and documenting everything that's going on. After just a few days, you'll know more about your baby and have a greater sense of involvement.

We've crafted just this journal, specifically for the NICU - "Our NICU Journey."

This high-quality journal gives you the power to track everything going on in your baby's daily life, with prompts to be sure you're documenting everything you'll cherish, all in a sweet, comforting style that newborn families love. It's so easy to use!

There is space to document every day of the week in great detail, plus a weekly summary. You can add photos if you like, but it's designed so that it's cute whether you add those photos or not. Each journal includes enough pages to document 8 weeks in the NICU. 

The paperback edition has a beautiful matte soft cover with a "french fold" bookmark which makes it easy to find your place.

The hardcover edition has a durable matte binding with a silver ribbon bookmark.

Buy your journal today, take it in the the NICU, and start documenting!

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NICU Journal - "Our NICU Journey"