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Organic Pure Vermont Maple Cream

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Also known as maple butter, pure maple cream is actually dairy free, and only contains one ingredient: Pure maple syrup.  We've spent many years in the maple kitchen perfecting this one.  Arriving at the optimal cooking temperature when a single degree can make a difference and determining at which point in the chilling process to stir, and how much to stir were no small feats.  Making maple cream is more art than science and it took many batches to get it just right.

All the effort has paid off and now our recipe is one of perfection.  Maple cream should be sweet, but we don't think that is enough.  To get it just right you need to have the right strength of maple flavor as well.  We're really picky about the syrup we use for maple cream, as when you concentrate maple syrup to make this product you are also concentrating the flavor of that source syrup.  Texture is the final critical component for maple cream and what we make is silky smooth and spreadable right out of the refrigerator.

Spread this over muffins or frost cake with it, pair with your favorite nut butter over a slice of toast, or dab onto french toast or waffles.  It's also okay to sneak a spoonful when no one is looking.

Ingredients:  Organic Pure Vermont Maple Syrup
Allergens: None

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Mount Mansfield Maple Products

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Winooski, VT
Nestled within the foothills of the Vermont Green Mountains, Mount Mansfield Maple Products has been producing the finest Pure Vermont Maple Syrup for generations. Our family run maple sugaring business is committed to exceeding your expectations with fair farm direct maple prices, premium quality maple and exceptional customer service. Our certified organic farm encompasses over 1,000 acres of the most loved and well cared for maple trees in the world and our dedication to the sustainability of this resource is unmatched. We slog through the snow, tap the trees, produce the syrup, make the candy, ship the goodies... and love every second of it. Our maple syrup is 100% pure. It's the real deal, with nothing added or removed, and our innovative resource efficient approach means you get the world's greatest maple syrup produced with less energy consumption. Find out why so many people rely on Mount Mansfield Maple Products for all their maple needs. Enjoy!
Organic Pure Vermont Maple Cream