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Organic Roasted Cacao Nibs

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Cacao nibs have a complex nutty, earthy flavor that can go sweet, savory or boozy. Unbelievably versatile, they're antioxidant and protein rich. You can use them to replace nuts & chocolate chips in baking; sprinkle on ice cream or granola; mix into smoothies & yoghurt; infuses sauces & meat rubs; garnish salads & soups; infuse your own rum & home brews.

These nibs are the same nibs we use in three of our award winning bars: Single Origin Peru 70%, Love and Happiness, and Ripple Effect.

Ingredient: Organic Peruvian Cacao

6 ounces.

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Xocolatl Small Batch Chocolate

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Atlanta, GA
​We met in 2004 and within the year knew we wanted to travel the world together, or at least start off with a chunk of it. During those months of backpacking (with a duffel bag full of books and an accumulation of battle scars), we kept each other up under reed roofs and in rain-drenched shacks dreaming big, vague dreams. In time, we came back, hunkered down, got married, worked hard for good causes, had a kid and then were expecting another when we remembered those big and vague dreams. Feeling like our entire future hinged on this, we quit our jobs and whisked the family off into the jungles of Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica, as soon as our second child was born. And we four sweltered in a fecund jungle. It was beautiful. It was challenging. It was liberating. It was also home to cacao. We met local chocolate makers using that same cacao to make dark chocolate that was intense, unadulterated & pure --nothing like the sweet flatness we thought of as chocolate. Deciding we would return to Atlanta, we trained with the local chocolate makers, now friends, & came home to create Xocolatl Small Batch Chocolate ("chock-oh-LAH-tul"), a chocolate micro-factory in Atlanta where we could make dark chocolate free of fillers & unnecessary ingredients but full of flavor. With gratitude to the people & place that inspired us, we hope our chocolate brings you the same sense of contentment & adventure from which it originally came. With love, Elaine + Matt