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Patio String Lights. Electrolites - Craftsman Style Bungalows. DIY Unique wooden 3D lighting

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Patio String Lights. Electrolites - Craftsman Style Bungalows.

DIY Unique wooden 3D lighting.

Cafe String Lights for Indoor/Outdoor Parties. The locals have gotten a sneak peak at these adorable little party string lights, and now it's time to share them abroad.

Many people recognize the elegant, simple lines of the Bungalow lanterns designed last year. These are the exact same, just 1/4 the size to fit perfectly on Christmas lights.

Each Bungalow stands less than 2" tall. They are sized to fill a string when skipping over every other bulb (as shown).

This design now comes in 3 options. Choose the 10pk Lanterns only if you prefer to add the light shades to your own string of lights.. or the complete 25pk with String of Lights to make what you see in the photos shown. With the complete set, you get 25 Bungalows plus the 50 LED light string that stretches about 11ft. And then there is the 50pc set, along with the 100 LED string light set, stretching about 22ft.

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Is it really One Man in One Garage? We know you're asking it.. and truth is, we did start out that way for a short time. That fuzzy memory a few years back is all blur when we think about how fast it all flew by. Before we knew it.. a year or 2 had gone by. One Man isn't even enough.. One dog, One Mom, One helper from time to time. They all come together, standing behind a fun, exciting, creative place to build an amazing career from an idea in a garage. They just don't all fit on the sign! For years, these ideas have been rolling around in my head. I knew there were tools out there to help make these sketches come into reality.. just that they were out of reach. Near the end of 2013, it was time to pull the trigger and land the tools I needed to make it all happen. The garage will never be the same.. no room for a car or jeep anymore! Fast forward to 2017.. after 3 years of jumping hurdles and pushing towards my passion, life is pretty good! You can barely walk around in the garage with all the fun toys and machines it takes to bring ideas to life. The new chapter has gone from lots of trial and error.. lots of sleepless nights in the studio (fancy name for garage), and making it through our 4th holiday season with only a few battle scars.. into the most fun we've had in years. The Spring thaw opens up with a fully packed schedule of local popup sales.. (oh yea, the mobile store keeps us busy too). We get to see and learn from our customers in person. We get instant feedback with what ideas connect with them and how to improve on what works, also. The new chapter is proving to be successful when you factor in the emotional fulfillment along with the investment paying off. Turns out the "One man" in the company ends up being a very busy guy, and not nearly enough! Just designing new things is a blast.. but learning to balance all the other hats one must wear to make a company work is pretty overwhelming. Marketing, building, filling orders, sourcing materials, equipment maintenance, IT, etc.. Tough to know what anyone's title is some days! I've often wondered, why did we wait so many years to start? We encourage everyone with an idea or the will to become a Maker.. Go for it! We still build everything within the backyard in the garage (feet from the kitchen and fridge.) ..and Yes! It's all worth it. :)
Patio String Lights. Electrolites - C...