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The Gold Standard in iPad slipcase design and protection, nothing protects better that our Premium Leather iPad Air Sleeve. For 10.9 or 10.2


  • Design for the 2020 iPad Air 10.9
  • Also fits 10.2 and older 9.7 models. 
  • For iPad Pro 12.9 click here
  • Available for Customization Program. Click here for information
  • Beautifully crafted, top grain, ethically sourced Premium Leather hides 
  • Satin finished, dual textured black premium hides
  • Fits iPads with smart style keyboard covers
  • Hand crafted, one at a time, as an individual expression of the leather making art
  • Contrasting white stitching highlights the industry's highest build quality
  • Easy opening dual magnetic closure
  • Fully padded and fully lined layered protection
  • Best choice for someone looking for maximum protection
  • Air filled tubular, perimeter bumper piping helps absorb impacts
  • Optional matching Accessory Pouch available to hold iPad accessories
  • Perfectly matched to all other MacCase Premium Leather products
  • 10" x 7.5" x .05" / 8oz.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty  / 14 Day Return Policy
  • International Customers: Complete shipping costs and import duties will be shown at checkout. You will incur no further costs to receive your MacCase than those shown. 
  • Any questions? Call M-F 10-4 PST, chat or use the contact form below

What Problems Does This Air Sleeve Solve? 

  • Provides a world-class way to protect / transport your Apple tablet and Pencil
  • Will last at least as long as you own your Apple tablet
  • Feel good knowing you've chosen a product made from ethically sourced leather
  • No need to keep buying sleeve after sleeve due to poor quality
  • Meets your need for a well made, durable, protective and aesthetically pleasing case
  • Offers an excellent value vs. Apple branded sleeve which is $50 more expensive and much less protective

Is this the Best iPad Air 10.9 Leather Sleeve for Me? 

Are you tired of spending hours searching or buying sleeve after sleeve on amazon or similar sites only to have them fall apart a short time later? How much is your time worth? If you're ready for a beautifully designed, beautifully made, handcrafted alternative to the plethora of disposable, low quality iPad Air sleeves available everywhere else, then one of our Sleeve for the 10.9-inch, 10.2 or 9.7 is for you.  


10" x 7.5" x .05" / 8oz.


The Best Leather iPad Air 10.9 Sleeve You Can Buy

With the launch of the 2020 10.9-inch version of the Air, Apple has moved their "consumer" tablet closer to their Pro models. The specifications for the chip set, screen, sound and overall performance create a great value for potential owners and users. This is why protecting your new baby is so important. This is where MacCase comes in. 

If you've purchased an Apple tablet, congratulations! Now you're looking to protect it. By now you've seen cheap, trendy tablet cases. Most are made in the sorts of places your mother warned you to stay away from. Ours are not. 

And on your way to finding protection nirvana, you find yourself here. Welcome. If you're looking for a leather iPad Air sleeve and want the best one available, congratulations your search is over.

The following paragraphs discuss why our 10.9-inch iPad Air leather sleeve is so special and such a good value. At $99.95, it's price far under the cost of Apple's branded sleeve.

The MacCase design used much higher quality and more durable leather, is much better padded, has a closure flap to keep out dirt and moisture and the industry's best integrated pencil holder. All those things are very important if you're looking to protect something as special as the new 10.9-inch Air. 

But what they won't tell you in how wonderful our slip case smells. The rich, natural oils we use during the tanning process give our hides a comforting aroma. Nor do they tell you how nice the product is to use. Our leathers are ultra soft yet extremely durable with many of the pieces we created way back in 2007 at the launch of our Premium Leather Collection, still in the field. 

Leather 10.9-inch Air Sleeve - Created With Passion, Built to Last

One of Steve Jobs' greatest legacies at Apple was to try to get the people who worked at Apple to imbue the products they were going to create with something greater than the silicon and electronic components they were made form. 

He always worked to have the products somehow rise above the "widgets" or "units" produced all the other technology companies. He wanted Apple products to cross over and create an emotional experience for the user. Take silicone, circuits, plastic and glass and convert them into magic and feelings.

At MacCase, we strive for the same user experience. There is a lot of junk you can wrap your iPad Air in if you choose to. Maybe you have already and are tired of wasting your money on such poor quality, products. Many people who are tired of being disappointed discover MacCase and are much happier that they did.

You see, we choose to make magic too. We source some of the world finest and toughest hides in the highlands of northern India. Our cows live a full and free life and the hides only taken after the cows pass naturally.

This is the cause of why we have some long wait times when our products are out of stock. The hides are tanned using processes handed down from three generations of tanners. Rich vegetable oils are used to insure the buttery softness.

Once the patterns are cut, each panel is hand sewn by a skilled craft's person using the strongest threads. Contrasting thread in white or light tan are used to highlight the impeccable quality and care that goes into each piece.

You can feel that passion every time you pick up your Apple tablet in one of our sleeves. Magnetic closures and fully lined and padded interiors add to the luxury. If a premium quality leather iPad Air 10.9-inch sleeve is what you are looking for, you've come to the right place.

10.9-inch iPad Air Leather Sleeve - World Class Protection

One thing that has not changed is the proven engineering of how are sleeves our constructed. Unlike almost all of the sleeve made by all the other companies, MacCase Sleeves open along the short axis only. This maximizes the inherent structural integrity of the material.  

Think of a castle: great big building, tiny little door. Why? To maximize the protection of what's inside. Our sleeves follow the same principal. Most of the sleeves marketed for laptops and tablets all follow a similar yet highly flawed design:

They open half way along one short axis, then along a major long axis then back down the other side's short axis. This large opening completely negates any structural integrity the materials might provide. 

Moreover, almost all sleeve makers use zippered closures. Zippers scratch. Again, a huge design flaw. MacCase sleeves whether for MacBook laptops or iPads, have only used short axis openings and have never used zippers for closures. 

The leather iPad sleeve for 10.9-inch and 10.2 continues our "best practices" design, opening along the short axis only and uses a dual, silent magnetic closure. Protection is provided by layering the materials, (liners, high density, quality foam padding, exterior quality hides) in a way we know works.

Customer Driven iPad Air Sleeve Design

One of the greatest things about being around so long and putting products into a space with such demanding customers is, that we find out what works and we find out quickly. This has been our experience for over 20 years working with hardcore Apple users who have put our products through their paces. 

Photographic adventures to the wildest of locations, reporters in war zones and sailing journeys across vast oceans are just three of the environments customers have used our iPad sleeves in over the years. Our designs have met those challenges each and every time. 

If there is something we miss in the design process, in development or in testing, our customers let us know. And that issue is corrected. We have never had a single issue like this with any of our sleeves. The design, the materials, all work. They protect. That's is something we are very proud of. 

So whether you use an Apple keyboard cover or not, and are looking for the best protection for your 10.9-inch Apple tablet  when transporting it, we hope you will give our new Premium Leather iPad Air Sleeve a long look.

Each of our new iPad Air 10.9-inch cases uses our latest generation of our leather hides. The current hides are tanned to be the softest yet most durable we have ever produced.

So whether you choose the classic professionalism of our pebble grain black, or the rugged "Americana" of our real vintage brown, your new Air will be safe and sound. 

iPad Air 10.9 Sleeve with Pencil Holder

One of the most enduring features of the MacCase Premium Leather iPad Air Sleeve is the integrated pencil holder for the Apple Pencil or similar stylist. Our version of a pencil holder is not some elastic loop sewn to the side of the case that your $100 Pencil slips in to (and out of lost forever! ). 

We've been doing this way to long. Our designs are much smarter than that. You don't last for over 2 decades making cases and sleeves for some of the worlds most demanding customers by peddling quick fixes and poorly thought out designs. 

Not only does our leather 10.9-inch iPad Air sleeve have a place to hold the Pencil, it protects and transports it just about better than any other sleeve available from anyone else. We've designed an exclusive, integrated slot that can only be accessed from under the main flap. If the flap is closed your pencil pocket is closed as well. 

When the flap is open, you can gain access to the Pencil. It's a design that has been put through the paces since the Apple Pencil was launched. Professionals from all over the world using the Apple Pencil have fallen in love with the style, quality and functionality of our leather iPad sleeve with pencil holder. 

Our Premium Leather iPad Sleeve for 2020 10.9-inch iPad Air is for any person looking for a handcrafted, beautifully designed and constructed alternative to the cheap, poor quality plethora of disposable iPad cases available almost everywhere else. Professional and built to last, nothing comes close to the quality of our butter soft hides and the care in which they are sewn together to make these exquisite sleeves.

Every stitch is perfect and you feel that quality every time you touch the case. You've purchased the most expensive, best built, best engineered tablet computer on the planet. Doesn't it deserve a case that is it's equal? Our Sleeves are designed for the person who answers yes that that question. 



Does my 2020 10.9-inch iPad Air need a sleeve?

The answer is, it depends. If you prefer not to have your iPad Air 10.9-inch tablet in a permanent protective case, a sleeve is excellent option. It will allow you to protect your Air during transport and storage but not add extra weight and bulk during use.

Will my old iPad case fit my new iPad Air 10.9-inch?

It depends on the type of case. Molded plastic cases designed for other Apple tablets will probably not fit. Slip cases like sleeves that have more room to just to small changes between older tablets and the new 10.9-inch Air should fit. The best way to know is to test it.

Does this MacCase Sleeve fit the new 8th generation 10.2-inch iPad?

Yes, this MacCase sleeve fits the new 8th generation 10.2-inch iPad. You will have a little bit more room so getting your 10.2-inch Apple tablet in and out of the slip case will be very easy. The combination of durable exterior hides and layers and padding will keep it safe. 

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In 1998 MacCase invented the Apple-specific case market. For over 20 years we have provided some of the world's most demanding customers with innovative laptop and tablet protection solutions. We offer 2 distinct lines of Apple-specifc and general use models, one in leather and one in nylon. Our Premium Leather Collection offers the pinnacle of Apple portable protection handcrafted from ethically sourced hides. Our Nylon line is a value leader with models starting around $40. If you're a reseller looking for an alternative to low quality Chinese made cases, bags, sleeves and backpacks, partner with a brand with a proven 20+ year record of success, MacCase.
Premium Leather iPad Air 10.9 Sleeve