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Premium Leather iPad Pro 12.9 Case (Gen 1-2)

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Save 60% and upgrade to the world's best case for 1st and 2nd gen 12.9 iPad Pro. State of the art protection. (Under 10 pcs left. Once sold out, this case will not be renewed)



  • The last case you'll have to buy for your Gen 1 or 2 12.9" Apple tablet. Guaranteed.
  • Premium, vegetable dyed, ultra "soft hand" ethically sourced leathers
  • Hand crafted, one at a time, as an individual expression of the leather making art
  • Black is sold out and only available through our Custom Program
  • Available for Customization Program. Click here for information
  • Contrasting white stitching highlights the industry's highest build quality
  • Frameless design creates the appearance of your 12.9 floating in the case
  • Innovative polymer tray will never wear out and never needs to be replaced
  • Tray material is impact absorbant and provides excellent corner protection 
  • 70 degree viewing angle adjustability
  • Cover can be folded back onto itself like a magazine. (We recommend doing it slowly so the materials are allowed to stretch naturally).
  • Completely padded, smart cover technology with auto on/ off feature
  • Black ultra suede interior and space gray tray provides 100% distraction free experience
  • Elegant magnetic case closure
  • Full camera integration
  • 12.9 - 12.25" x 9" x .5" / 14oz
  • Magnetic Modular Accessory System - 
  • Choose from 4 optional, matching, attachable / detachable Accessories:
  • Apple Pencil Holder - Holds Apple Pencil or similar sized stylist
  • Cable Pouch - Holds all your iPad cables, adapters, ear buds, etc.
  • Paper Holder - Holds up to 8 sheets
  • Business Card Holder - Holds up to a dozen cards
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty  / 14 Day Return Policy / $5.05 U.S. Flat Rate Shipping
  • International Customers: Complete shipping costs and import duties will be shown at checkout. You will incur no further costs to receive your MacCase than those shown. 
  • Any questions? Call M-F 10-4 PST, chat or use the contact box below

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What Problems Does This iPad Pro 12.9 Case Solve? 

  • Provides a quality way to protect / transport your 1st and 2nd generation 12.9 and accessories
  • Will last at least as long as you own the tablet
  • Feel good knowing you've chosen a product made from ethically sourced leather
  • No need to keep buying case after case due to poor quality
  • Timeless, handmade design reflects your good taste 
  • Meets your need for a professional, well made, durable, protective and aesthetically pleasing case
  • Options allow you to customize the case to meet your needs
  • For a folio case for the 12.9 3rd Generation click here
  • For a folio case for the 12.9 4th Generation click here
  • Not sure which 12.9 model you have?
  • Give us a call 760 729 0620 M-F 10am-4pm, we'll help


Is This the Best iPad Pro 12.9 Leather Case For Me?

If you're tired of buying case after case on amazon or similar sites only to have them quickly fall apart or are tired of spending hours searching for a quality cover, then this 12.9-inch case is for you. If you're ready for a intelligently designed, beautifully made, handcrafted alternative to the plethora of disposable, low quality iPad cases available everywhere else, this is the Folio you’ve been looking for. 

Not sure what size iPad you have? Click here to find out how to measure an iPad for a case.


  • Dimensions /  Weight - 12.9 - 12.25" x 9" x .5" / 14oz


iPad Pro 12.9 Leather Case - Behind the Design

The latest in a series of interviews about the story behind the design of MacCase products. For this interview, we are speaking to MacCase President and Chief Creative Officer Michael Santoro about the new Folio for the gen 1 / gen 2 iPad Pro 12.9.

JKD - I know you've been waiting a long time to introduce this model. Why the delay? 

MS - Of course you'd like to introduce all new products at the same time, every time. When we launched our original iPad Pro cases, we did 4 new designs at the same time. It was a lot of work but it was worth it. 

With these new frame-less Folios, we had existing inventory to contend with. For the 1st and 2nd generation 12.9 Folios, there was a lot of "infrastructure" built up around them. What I mean by that is many of our reseller partners have web pages assigned to the older models. This is not something you can change in a day. 

It's taken some time to get them up to speed. Now that that is underway, we can launch this new model on our site and share it with everyone who has been asking for this update. 

What Generation is My iPad?

JKD: Is there a lot of confusion around what generation iPad fits with what generation case?

MS: Yes. We've seen a large rise in the number of customers ordering the wrong size or ordering the 2018 case for the get 1 or get 2 12.9 iPad Pro. They want the frame-less design. They want the options. They want to be able to have over 70 degrees of screen angle adjustability. They want the protection the new design offers. 

Hopefully, most or all of that confusion about which case fits which generation iPad will be alleviated with the introduction of this Gen 1 / Gen 2 Folio. It will have all the features that the latest generation models have despite being for an older model. 

"The Best Folio I've Ever Used...."

JKD: Is it easier to introduce a design knowing that you have a 9 month track record behind you? 

MS: Of course. Entrepreneurship is all about taking risks. But you want to minimize that risk whenever you can. We tested these new frame-less designs extensively before releasing them 9 months ago. 

The options were also extensively tested to make sure they were going to work under as many situations was we would think of. If you're going to stick a pencil case to the cover of your iPad case, you want to make sure it's not going to fly off when you're running to catch a plane. 

Once we knew the designs worked, we began taking orders and the product got put into the world. The feedback was amazing. Even long time customers were telling us it was the best folio they have ever used. That is very rewarding to hear. I knew the design was special and it's great to get that kind of feedback from users in the real world.

So when it came time to engineer the design for the gen 1 / gen 2 12.9 iPad Pro , we knew we had a winner. These designs work and do so brilliantly. 

iPad 12.9-inch Leather Case with Pencil Holder

JKD: For anyone not familiar with the frame-less Folio design as a concept, can you go over the basic features and advantages over the old, framed, 12.9 design?

MS: There are several key changes that make the new design both radially different and radically better than the old framed 12.9 Folio. 

The first thing we did was eliminate the frame around the screen bezel that holds the iPad in the case. We replaced it with a polymer tray that provide better protection for key areas like the corners and edges. It also provides 100% access to the screen surface. No more hitting your finger along the edge of the frame.

The front cover is now smooth. This allows the case to sit flat on any given work surface and the user to adjust the viewing angle from about 90 degrees down to around 20 years, so approximately 70 degrees of adjustably. 

The pencil holder that was attached to the front cover has joined 3 other accessories as options that the customer can add or not add, as their need dictate. This is a ground breaking feature only available from MacCase. 

JKD: Let's talk about the options. Can you go over what's available?

MS: The options will be the same as the other models. The ever poplar Apple Pencil holder or pencil case, the document or paper holder, a pouch for cables and adopters and a business card holder. 

JKD: What has the feedback been on these options since customers have been using them with the keyboard other models?

MS: Customers have been asking for expanded functionality for years and they are working perfectly on the other models. Again, we could have sewn all these little pockets to the front and back of the case but that is not the MacCase way.

There is nothing innovative about that and it looks terrible too. What we've come up with is something truly groundbreaking and elegant.Magnets are almost magical in the way they work. Using these accessories with the new Folio is a magical experience. 

The Art of Design

JKD: Tell us about the aesthetics of the case. Why does it look the way it does?

MS: Just like with car design, over the last 20 years we've built an extremely strong brand equity with the visual vocabulary of the Premium Leather Collection. MacCase products only look like MacCase products.

They're original, timeless, yet fit a contemporary aesthetic. We've talked about this before. It's extremely hard to consistently produce designs that walk this fine line. It's the art of design. 

We took this aesthetic that expressed the craft, the making of something and combined with customer driven functionality. MacCase leather cases are not just a single piece of hide folded around your Apple tablet. Our designs are akin to classical music. There are themes and sub-themes, a narrative. They endear themselves to their owners because of this sophistication. 

The new 12.9 Folio carries this forward. The art is combining that sophistication with a elegant solution for expanding how customers interact with their cover and what they can do with it. This combination of the art and craft married to seamless functionality will be at the core of the customer experience when using the 12.9 Folio. 


FAQ - 

Will my 1st or 2nd generation Pad Pro 12.9 fit in a 3rd generation case?

No. The 1st and 2nd generation of Apple's largest tablet is radically different from 3rd generation design and therefore will not fit in cases designed for the latest 12.9 inch model. If you are looking for a case for the Gen 1 or Gen 2, you will need a case designed specifically for those models.

What is the best iPad Pro 12.9 leather case?

The best iPad Pro 12.9 leather case is the one that meets your individual needs as a 12.9 inch tablet user. Things to think about are how much protection you require, the quality and durability of the leather, the company behind the case and the overall design and functionality.

How long has MacCase been making an iPad Pro 12.9 leather case?

MacCase has been making leather folio cases for the 12.9 inch tablet since they were first introduced in 2016. MacCase has been making cases for Apple tablets in general since they were first introduced in 2010.

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