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The Gold Standard in sleeve design. Professional, protective, innovative. That's our Leather iPad Pro Sleeve. For all 12.9 including the 2021 M1, 11 and 10.5 models

  • Custom designed and hand crafted specifically for each size iPad model.
  • All sizes now have integrated, center storage pocket for the Apple Pencil
  • Industry's best Apple Pencil protection
  • Premium, vegetable dyed, ultra "soft hand" ethically sourced leathers
  • Choose from authentic, unfinished, Vintage brown or
  • Classic pebble grain, satin black hides
  • Available for Customization Program. Click here for information.
  • Hand crafted, one at a time, as an individual expression of the leather making art
  • Perfectly matched to the 2021 M1 12.9
  • Works with Apple keyboard cover and Smart Keyboard Folio
  • Does not fit the 2020 Magic Keyboard
  • Contrasting white stitching highlights the industry's highest quality
  • Easy opening, silent, dual magnetic closure
  • Fully padded and fully lined layered protection
  • Best choice for someone looking for maximum protection
  • Air filled tubular, perimeter bumper piping helps absorb impacts
  • Optional Accessory Pouch available
  • Perfectly matched to all other MacCase Premium Leather products
  • 13.75" x 10" x .5" / 12oz
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty  / 14 Day Return Policy
  • International Customers: Complete shipping costs and import duties will be shown at checkout. You will incur no further costs to receive your MacCase than those shown. 
  • Any questions? Call M-F 10am-4pm PST 760. 729. 0620
  • Click here for a sleeve for the iPad Air 10.9


What Problems Does This Leather iPad Pro Sleeve Solve? 

  • Provides a world-class way to protect / transport your Apple tablet and Pencil
  • Will last at least as long as you own your Apple tablet
  • Feel good knowing you've chosen a product made from ethically sourced leather
  • No need to keep buying sleeve after sleeve due to poor quality
  • Meets your need for a well made, durable, protective and aesthetically pleasing case
  • Offers an excellent value vs. Apple branded sleeve which is $50 more expensive and much less protective


Is this the Best iPad Pro Sleeve for Me? 

Are you tired of spending hours searching or buying sleeve after sleeve on amazon or similar sites only to have them fall apart a short time later? How much is your time worth? If you're ready for a beautifully designed, beautifully made, handcrafted alternative to the plethora of disposable, low quality iPad sleeves available everywhere else, then one of our Sleeves is for you. 



"The Best iPad Pro 12.9 Sleeve You Can Buy"

Review by professional photographer Eric Marks

We were recently notified about a video posted on youtube by professional photographer Eric Marks of findingmiddleearth.com.  The video is an unsolicited review of the MacCase Premium Leather iPad Pro 12.9 Sleeve. 

Eric states several times that he is not a case guy and that he is really picky. When a person who is not a case guy and is extremely picky decides to review your product on a platform like youtube, well, you pray for the best but expect the worst. 

What did Eric have to say? You can watch the video or read through the transcript below.

As Eric states in the video, we was not paid to make the video. We have no relation with him other than the fact he is using our sleeve to help make his living as a professional creative person.

There is no affiliate program or commission involved. This was a "non-case guy" who was looking for the best protection for his 12.9 and his Apple Pencil in a sleeve style and found the MacCase Premium Leather iPad Sleeve.


How the Leather iPad Pro 12.9 Sleeve Works

Alright hello everyone, Eric Marks here again with findingmiddleearth.com and today we’re going to talk about the absolute best IPad 12.9 Sleeve on the market that I have found.

I am typically not a guy that likes cases, I don’t like added weight or extra bulk, I’m normally the kind of guy that carries my iPhone around without a case, the same with a lot of my products, but I really like sleeves.

Sleeves are kind of my thing because I can take the product out of the sleeve and then I have either a very thin case or no case at all (on the tablet). And, it is hard to find a good sleeve. You can look all over the internet and I got to have 3 basic criteria when it comes to finding an iPad 12.9 sleeve.

• Number 1 for me is bulk and weight, I don’t want it to be overly bulky or a really heavy thing.

• Number 2 is aesthetics. It’s go to look cool, right? I love a vintage leather look like this.

• And then number 3 is price. We can’t buy a $500 sleeve or anything like that.

So, this is the iPad 12.9 Sleeve by a company called MacCase. This thing is just, just phenomenal. It feels, the leather feel is just, it’s beautiful. You can tell it is real premium leather, it’s got that smell to it that I love, that leather smell. It’s just been great. Let me show you how this thing works.

iPad Pro 12.9 Leather Sleeve with Pencil Holder

So the latch here is magnetic. You have two magnets here, left and right, and so you know there is no effort to close it, it just closes and it stays closed and it won’t come open. I hate velcro.

There was a lot of sleeves that I saw on the market with velcro or some kind of snap thing and I don’t like the snap in things either. It’s just easier. Just lift up the magnets, let if go and you’re good. There’s no effort there.

The best thing about this sleeve was that it holds the Apple pencil. It has this great leather add on here that holds the Pencil nice and snug. Which is another plus for me. The Pencil won't fall out. It’s super sung in there. You can shake it all you want and the Pencil’s not coming out. This is one pencil holder than works. 

This Apple Pencil is $100 bucks. You can loose this thing just by walking around with your case and throwing it into your bag, back and forth. This thing holds it super super tight and cushioned in. This is probably the best pencil holder on the market. I have not checked them all, but come on, this is brilliant. 

Same with the iPad as you can see. So the iPad fits right in here. I’ll take it out for you here. This is the 12.9" and on it I have another little leather, the little thin leather Apple case. Normally I don’t even like having any case but you know, if it’s something thin I’m fine with it. I just wanted to get leather on leather. I thought it looked nice.

But basically the Apple tablet just slides in and out of it. There is nothing else to it. A sleeve is a sleeves far as comes to operation. This one just operates flawlessly and is the best one I’ve ever had.

"This Leather iPad Sleeve is Fantastic"

I'm a really picky case guy because I just don’t like cases and sleeves. If I find a case or sleeve that I like, you know it’s good because I just really can't stand added extra weight and bulk. But this ( sleeve ) is great because I also can’t stand scratching up and ruining my devices. When I am on the move and on the go and I’m taking this on assignment or location with me or whatever, I just take this and throw it, drop it right in here.

It’s super cushioned and thick down in here, but it’s also a very light sleeve as well. I just let the magnetic latch go over it and throw it in my backpack with my laptop and it’s super easy and good to go. It just travels right with me. The MacCase iPad 12.9 sleeve is fantastic.

Head over to their website, cause they also have, if you are a case guy unlike me, they also have beautiful Folio style cases which are kind of like a book that opens up. I prefer the sleeve which has been great. And it is real genuine leather. For all the leather you get the price is very, very good.

I am not getting paid to say this. It’s not a affiliate link. I don’t get any kind of commission from them at all. I’ll just put a link so that it’s easy for you guys to go over there and see the product. Other than that, if you have any questions for me or anything, this is my personal case that I use and that I’m going to continue to use. I’m just loving it. It’s great.

I’m a very vintage leather kind of guy. I really like that style. This just really fits the bill for that. I was amazed how hard it was to find an aesthetically pleasing and well priced and good functioning sleeve. You'd think there would be hundreds of them out there. And I was only able to find one and it’s the MacCase Premium Leather iPad Pro 12.9 Sleeve.

Surface Pro Sleeve?

I will end with this. If you are not an Apple fan, if you don’t like iPads, maybe you have a Microsoft Surface Pro. For you Windows fans out there, well guess what. The Surface Pro 4 drops right in the case and fits in as well. There you go.

I haven't tried fitting a 13” MacBook Pro in here but that might fit as well. This is made for the 12.9" iPad but who knows, you could try that as well. You can use it for your Surface Pro 4 you can put the Surface Pro 4 pen right in there or you can use it for the iPad. Dual purpose, if you not an Apple guy. No worries. Thanks for watching.


FAQ - 

What is a leather iPad Pro Sleeve?

A leather iPad Pro sleeve is a slip case open on one end that is designed to store and protect your Apple tablet during transport from one place to another. The best designs have some form of padding in addition to the leather exterior covering along with a flap to close the open end. 


Do I need a leather iPad Pro Sleeve?

Apple tablets are the most expensive products of their type. You are paying a premium for the brand, the industrial design of their hardware and the user interface of their software. A leather iPad Pro sleeve fits with this up-market, premium aesthetic set by tablet. 


Do all leather iPad Pro Sleeves come with an Apple Pencil holder?

No. Many lower priced sleeves omit this feature to save costs. Any well designed, quality sleeve will make provisions for safely storing the Apple Pencil. Be weary of designs that use an elastic loop to hold the Pencil. The Pencil can easily slip out and be lost. Look for a dedicated pocket. 


Will my iPad Sleeve fit my 2020 iPad Pro 12.9-inch?

It depends. If your sleeve was designed for one of the 3 previous version of Apple's largest tablet, then your sleeve should fit the 2020 iPad Pro 12.9-inch model. If your slip case was designed for a previous version of an Apple tablet, it will also fit but the fit might be very loose. 


The Best iPad Pro 2020 Leather Sleeve

MacCase has been making sleeves to protect Apple portables since 1998. That's a long time. You learn a lot about the best ways to protect portable digital devices in 20+ years. When it came time to design our iPad Pro 2020 Sleeve for the 12.9 and 11, we leveraged all the knowledge to create something great. 

Automaker Mercedes Benz has as their current slogan, "The Best or Nothing". While calling something "the best" is always an exercise in subjectivity, given that Mercedes invented the automobile gives them a certain credibility when they make a claim such as their latest slogan.

At MacCase, we've done some inventing ourselves. We created the Apple-specific case market. And like Mercedes, we've been building the products we build longer than anyone else in our industry. No one else can make that claim. 

Our designers love Apple products. We put all our heart and soul into each product, struggling over each detail. We choose our hides carefully. Only the best hides are chosen. The hides are sewn using the strongest thread. We use white thread to highlight the exquisite quality of each piece. You cannot put a white stitch on black leather unless every stitch is perfect. 

Our longevity is a testament to the fact that we have been delivering products Apple users want and appreciate since we started. And each time we do it, we get better and better at it. So when we make a claim that our new leather Sleeve for Apple's pro tablet are the best you can buy, you can believe it. 

The second product in the history of MacCase was a sleeve. That was over 20 years ago. We know a bit about quality sleeve design. Our iPad Pro 2020 Sleeves coalesces over 20 years of experience designing the building the worlds best laptop sleeves to create a simple, elegant, feature rich, timeless design for your Apple tablet.

Whether you have a 2020 12.9-inch or 11-inch, you can be confident in knowing that your tablet and the work contained on it will be protected. That's a promise 20 years in the making. 

 A True Premium Leather iPad Sleeve for 12.9 and 11

In most cases, MacCase premium leather products are at the top of the Apple portable protection mountain. While you can find fashion brands with much more expensive tablet cases than our offerings, you are literally paying for the logo. They tend to be poorly engineered and designed, just jumping on the bandwagon of the latest digital device craze.

On the other end of the leather iPad sleeve spectrum is the plethora of Chinese factories hawking their "genuine leather" sleeves on sites like amazon or ebay for $9.99 with free shipping from the Chinese mainland. Here's a little secret for you. The Chinese do not know the difference between leather and plastic.

At MacCase, we've been doing "premium" Apple portable cases longer than anyone. You get to say that when you create the market. We also know a thing or two about leather hides. We searched all over the world before sourcing our hides in the most humane way we could find.

Our hides are sourced from ex-dairy cows that pass naturally from this world to the next. They are not the bye-product of the beef industry. When you combine this with third generation crafts people who have a passion for making such things, the result is our Premium Leather iPad Pro Sleeve for the12.9 or 11.

Timeless, protective and durable, MacCase iPad sleeves are the gold standard in sleeve design. They have been for over 20 years.

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In 1998 MacCase invented the Apple-specific case market. For over 20 years we have provided some of the world's most demanding customers with innovative laptop and tablet protection solutions. We offer 2 distinct lines of Apple-specifc and general use models, one in leather and one in nylon. Our Premium Leather Collection offers the pinnacle of Apple portable protection handcrafted from ethically sourced hides. Our Nylon line is a value leader with models starting around $40. If you're a reseller looking for an alternative to low quality Chinese made cases, bags, sleeves and backpacks, partner with a brand with a proven 20+ year record of success, MacCase.
Premium Leather iPad Pro Sleeve