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Restorative Hair Masque kit with rare Tunisian hypoallergenic Green Clay - Argil Hair Kit

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When it comes to hair, it does not always need conditioning. It needs growth, and health and a good cleanse. Clean scalp and stronger hair follicles mean better, healthier and stronger hair.

Argil hair masque does this:

  • cleanses scalp without stripping skin's natural oils or hair color
  • goes deep to nourish epidermis and help with healthy hair growth
  • helping preserve the pigment and nurture hair
  • adds volume (if you do not over-condition after the masque)
  • caution for bleached and damaged hair; you need more conditioning (please consult a hair professional for best advice)

This Hair Growth & Scalp Detox Kit Contains:

  • 8 oz | 226 gr Argil (Katari Green Clay Powder) in a glass jar
  • handmade artisanal clay mixing bowl
  • application brush with artificial non-reactive bristles
  • handmade mixing utensils out of non-porous olive wood
  • sea sponge for cleansing skin or applying the masque
  • shower cap

TIP: This masque can be used for hair or skin or body. We included instructions for a hair masque, but you can easily use the same ingredients and accessories for the best facial treatment for healthy and radiant skin too.

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Restorative Hair Masque kit with rare...