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Ritual Rum Alternative - Wholesale 6-Pack Case

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Contains six 750 mL bottles at $18.25/bottle.  SRP is $28.99/bottle.  Free shipping on all wholesale products.

We are thrilled to officially introduce… Ritual Rum Alternative.

Whether by land or by sea, rum is the perfect partner to a day of fun in the sun. But festive tropical beverages can take a lot out of you. That’s why we created Ritual Rum Alternative, with all the warm vanilla, toasted spice, and velvety decadence of dark rum, minus the alcohol or calories. It’s the cruise without the booze. The navy without the grog. The hurricane without the aftermath.

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Chicago, IL
Crafted of all-natural botanicals, Ritual Whiskey, Gin and Tequila Alternatives deliver the flavor, aroma and burn of classic spirits — but without the alcohol or calories. Ritual was started by three friends, two of whom share a bed and a child. We're passionate foodies and damn good cooks, so Ritual started in our kitchens. It took hundreds of iterations to perfect our recipes. We sought guidance from master chefs and held tasting sessions for Chicago's best bartenders. We weren’t satisfied until it tasted, smelled and felt like the real thing. The result is a one-of-a-kind, low and no calorie line of spirit alternatives that mix beautifully, 1:1 in place of liquor in your favorite cocktail. Ritual is enjoyed by a wide range of consumers, including: - Active Lifestylers — from yogis to crossfitters, and everyone in between - Dieters — from Whole30 to Keto to your basic calorie counter - Expectant Mothers — or any parent looking for a weeknight cocktail that won’t slow them down - Drinkers — who want to mix in a mocktail to enjoy the myriad health benefits of drinking less - Non-Drinkers — including the sober and sober-curious, seeking an alternative to club soda These groups, among others, have found a place for Ritual in their lives, and consequently, shop owners continue to find a place for us in their stores. We’d love to partner with you and consider you amongst this group as we grow, together. Cheers! The Ritual Team
Ritual Rum Alternative - Wholesale 6-...