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Scout the Owl

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Wise Little Owl

Scout, a bookish and bold Owl is as curious as can be, with plumes of sweet cheer and inquiries a-plenty! She so quickly knows the answer to any question, because her little beak is in a book most of the day. When she's not reading, maybe she is writing a pen pal letter with her little blue pen feather.


  • Hand Sanimal Character Pouch
  • Removable Plush Snap Bracelet
  • Plastic Bag Clip
  • Bottle (you fill with your favorite!)


  • Embroidered Details Throughout
  • Soft & Comfortable Plush
  • Inspires Hand Hygiene everyday

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    The Original Hand Sanimals Logo

    The Original Hand Sanimals

    Minimum $100
    North Mankato, MN
    Hello! We're Ash and Chris, founders of Hand Sanimals! Between us, we have over two decades experience in product development, marketing, and lots of other fun, creative efforts. Now, we're so excited to be creating officially as Eighth & Acorn. Our company name is the street each of us grew up on when we were kids. Eighth St. and Acorn Ave. We want to create unique products that make the experience of growing up a little easier on both kids and parents. That's why we always start with thoughtful design, because that leads to mindfulness and understanding, which then inspires healthy habits that can last a lifetime. We're committed to quality and joy in all we do, and we think our first product, The Original Hand Sanimals, are a great example of exactly that. Early on in 2020, Chris chatted with his sister about how she was having trouble teaching her young son to wash his hands. He kept forgetting steps, or that he should clean up before he ate, and it was so hard when they went out anywhere. As we all know, kids love to touch just about everything. That's when Chris and Ash had the idea to create a new kind of product that aimed to make hand washing and cleanliness easy to remember and simple to act on. After so many ideas and months of hard work, we finally created The Original Hand Sanimals, a real dream come true. We can't wait for you to see them for yourselves and share them with your customers.