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Silver Excelsior Serum - 4000 PPM Silver Oxide Dietary Supplement

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Silver Excelsior Serum is a concentrated 4000 ppm chelated silver oxide solution that can be diluted and taken daily as a dietary supplement to naturally support the body’s immune system, or used as a topical.

Silver Excelsior Serum is our patented chelated silver oxide complex, not colloidal silver. This allows for better bioavailability and biocompatibility so that the body’s cells will much more readily adsorb our silver oxide without affecting benefits from helpful probiotics. At 4000 PPM in Kosher vegetable USP Grade glycerine, Silver Excelsior Serum is in concentrated form - 1 drop to 1 fluid ounce of distilled water provides 150 ppm chelated silver oxide, which is 15x more concentrated than most colloidal silver products currently offered.  This product can be stored at room temperature. 


Suggested use:

Dilute 1 drop per fluid oz of distilled/deionized/purified water

Adults -  1 teaspoon up to 3 times a day of diluted product

Children –  ¼ to ½ teaspoon of diluted product per day



Chelated Silver Oxide Complex (4000 ppm), Kosher USP Pharmaceutical Grade Glycerine

Cruelty-Free / Vegan

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Silver Excelsior Serum - 4000 PPM Sil...