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Slim - Detox Functional Blend

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A cleansing blend to support the body's natural detoxification process and help shed excess water weight. 

For: Detoxification & slimming


Ingredient Superstars:
  • Dandelion - One of the most nutrient dense greens with natural diuretic properties to help shed excess water weight. Especially good at cleansing the liver
  • Burdock Root Used in traditional medicine to purify the bloodstream and improve circulation. Burdock root & dandelion make a detoxifying power duo
  • Ginger - Cleanses the body by improving digestion & circulation
  • Tulsi - An adaptogen that supports overall health 

    Full Ingredients List: Ginger, Dandelion, Licorice, Tulsi, Burdock Root, Rose Petals, Elderflower, Safflower petals, Natural Flavors.


    3 oz. net weight

    Packaged in biodegradable kraft

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    Slim - Detox Functional Blend