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Special Forces DOL Memory Wire Bracelet | De Oppresso Liber

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This bracelet bears the US Army Special Forces 'De Oppresso Liber' (DOL) insignia. This piece will be hand-crafted by a military spouse at Hope Design Ltd. when your order is received.

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    Hope Design Ltd

    Minimum $250
    Colorado Springs, CO
    Hope Design Ltd.'s mission is to create beautiful pieces that honor our military heroes of yesterday and today. We believe that each piece we create is much more than jewelry…. It captures your story, commemorates special moments, and celebrates your journey. Our artisan, designer, and founder Lauren Hope handcrafts each piece to create meaningful and beautiful heirlooms in her studio. You can find our retail line at www.hopedesignltd.com and see more of our work on Facebook and Instagram. We look forward to working with you to curate and create a wholesale collection that works for you.
    Special Forces DOL Memory Wire Bracel...