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YOU WILL MAKE IT BIG. The two arrows on this ring symbolize movement & power, and are pointed at each other to direct the force and power towards you, driving you to reach your goals. Wear this ring as a motivation to achieve great SUCCESS in life. 

Pair with our SUCCESS bracelet for an even bigger motivational impact! You can also stack with multiple SUCCESS band rings to create your own unique look.

2-WAY CONVERTIBLE: You can create two different looks - move the double arrows to the front of your finger or move them behind to show just a solid band. 

ADJUSTABLE SIZE: One size fits all - can be a adjusted to perfectly fit your finger. We recommend adjusting a maximum of two times, as frequent adjustments can distort the round shape.

QUALITY INGREDIENTS: 18K Gold Vermeil - Sterling Silver 925 base

MOTIVATE COLLECTION: The SUCCESS ring is part of our MOTIVATE collection designed to inspire people to achieve great success in life - click to view.



    Vermeil is made of real silver that is covered with a layer of real gold. In the U.S., to be considered vermeil, a piece has to be coated with gold that is at least 10 karats pure.

    Gold plating refers to a thin layer of gold that covers the surface of a metal core – which can be made of a variety of non-gold metals (typically cheaper metals like brass).

    The most notable difference between vermeil and gold-plated pieces is in the metals that make up their base. Gold vermeil, or just vermeil, should always be made with real silver as the base metal – otherwise, the piece cannot be sold as vermeil.

    Vermeil pieces are generally more expensive than gold-plated ones. Part of the reason for this is that vermeil jewelry is made with real silver, whereas many gold-plated pieces are made with cheaper metals that are used to create the core under the plating.



    925 Silver is Sterling Silver, consisting of 92.5% silver, and the remaining part consists of usually copper. This is the reason why Sterling Silver is referred to as 925 Sterling Silver or just 925 Silver. We proudly have a 925 stamp on our jewelry to signify its 92.5% silver content authenticity.


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    Success 18K Gold Vermeil Adjustable ring by Sonia Hou Jewelry paired with women's leather asymmetrical skirt, white blouse, YSL purse and red chanel lipstick



    Gold and sterling silver rings  presented as Jewelry Food art by Sonia Hou Jewelry

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    SONIA HOU Jewelry Logo

    SONIA HOU Jewelry

    Minimum $29
    Canoga Park, CA
    SONIA HOU Jewelry is where fine jewelry meets fashion jewelry – think of it as “Tiffany jewelry meets Forever 21.” This American brand grew in popularity in such a short amount of time, and has been worn by many celebrities, featured on CNBC, PEOPLE, POPSUGAR, NEXTSHARK and major TV shows like NBC's Today Show, Wendy Williams and ABC's The View. SONIA, an Los Angeles based designer and fashion enthusiast, always had trouble finding stylish, reasonably priced jewelry that was safe on her skin and long-lasting in the sense that it will not easily tarnish, peel or flake. She would shop at major high-end retailers and overspend on jewelry made out of cheap metals that would tarnish in less than a year, and also cause her allergic skin reactions. So in 2013, SONIA introduced a new category in the jewelry world, combining the best qualities of Fine Jewelry and Fashion Jewelry together, forming Fine Fashion Jewelry, using the finest materials found in Fine Jewelry, like 14K Gold Filled /14K Gold, Sterling Sliver, Semi-Precious Gemstones, Swarovski Crystals, and creating a line that was stylish, modern and affordable like Fashion Jewelry. Inspired by the everyday Hollywood celebrities and pop culture, every jewelry piece that SONIA creates comes with a unique story, and her creativity, along with her intricate eye for detail, has allowed her to create timeless designs with a modern flair. SONIA proudly discloses the materials in her line, catering to people who have sensitivity issues. For questions, media appearances, or speaking inquiries, please contact us at info@SoniaHou.com. SONIA HOU Jewelry is a proudly woman-owned and operated start-up. Website: www.soniahou.com.