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Sumatra Mandheling Wholesale

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Cupping Notes: Apple, Orange, Toffee

Arabica coffee production is focused in the highlands of Northern Sumatra. The most well-known “region” of Sumatra is Mandheling, which is actually a trade name originally based on the Mandailing tribe, which grows coffee in the Tapanuli area. More specific growing regions are Aceh (North Central Sumatra) and Lintong (near lake Toba). Indonesia is the fifth-largest coffee producing country in the world and Sumatra is a very significant percentage of the nation’s production. With its unique sweet syrupy body, low acid, earthy flavor, it stands out from the crowd.

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At Kabaty Coffee, we recognize how important a decision it is to choose a coffee provider for your business. We offer our partners real-time support that is responsive to your requests and customized to your unique needs. Our services include barista training to safeguard quality and consistency. We will work closely with you to choose the coffee flavor profiles that best complement your business. Choose from our lineup of single origins and blends, sourced responsibly from micro-lots worldwide with an emphasis on sustainable and equitable practices. Custom blends and company co-packaging are also options. We can work with you to develop your own personal blend that is packaged with your company’s branding. We roast when you order and will deliver your coffee to your door by either private courier or a delivery service to ensure you get your coffee on time. MISSION At Kabaty Coffee we are committed to delivering coffee at its peak of freshness, and showcasing the unique flavor attributes that each bean has to offer. We recognize that coffee is a labor-intensive crop. We support sustainable practices that both protect the Earth and the livelihood of the many people involved in bringing the bean to the cup. CORE VALUES Respect Integrity Compassion Excellence Sustainability Community We would love to include you in our coffee community. For more information about our wholesale services, check out our information page on our website https://www.kabatycoffee.com/pages/wholesale. Love the Earth. Embrace its people.
Sumatra Mandheling Wholesale