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Titanium - Bastion® Bolt Action Pen

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Make a statement! Write with a Bastion!

Bastion Pen: The Story

In 2017, our CEO, Mike Navitsky sought to come up with a functional EDC pen that led the way to the creation of Bastion Bolt-Action Pen. A great mix of innovation and design defines this pen which proved to be among the world’s most stylish and functional writing pens.

Initially offered on Kickstarter, it got overwhelming public support. The pens are considered a work of art and engineering that echoes the creative genius of our founder, the timeless sensuality and distinction.

ballpoint pen

Your Luxurious Everyday Pen

At Bastion, we believe in the power of writing! Even scribbling helps us reflect on what we have achieved, figure out what we want, and set goals for our future.

We don’t write as often as we used to do before the digital age. Expressing our thoughts into words becomes much more precious. And when it comes to pens, we don't settle for 'basic'.

With a Bastion pen, we make sure that you not only write but make your presence known!

Our Core Values:

  • Aesthetic-Functional Balance
  • Innovation
  • Durability & Reliability
  • Customer-Centric
  • Exceptional Value



The Bastion Executive Ballpoint Pen marries sophisticated styling with refined executive tastes for a match that exceeds expectations. With its sexy silhouette and wealth of fine materials, the Executive Ballpoint Pen is an impeccable writing instrument that is as contemporary as it is timeless.

bolt action pen


Elevate your imagination with Bastion’s uniquely designed pen featuring bolt action. With its elegant look, you’d love to parade with it everywhere ready for action whenever your next idea strikes.

edc pen


Along with a clean, sexy silhouette and an instantly recognizable profile, Bastion Executive Pen is available in 5 variants to match your aesthetic. Whether writing in your journal, taking notes, or drafting letters, the Bastion pen combines classic style and functionality.

Resists Corrosion - titanium demonstrates fantastic resistance to corrosion – and will not suffer adverse changes (i.e. pitting, cracking) due to corrosive substances.

Strength - One of the biggest advantages of titanium is its strength. Not only is it one of the strongest metals on the planet (rivaling even steel!)

Non-toxic - titanium is bio-compatible. It is completely non-toxic to both humans and animals (partially due to the fact that it’s resistant to corrosion)


If you strive for a luxurious lifestyle, why not write with a luxurious tool? The Bastion Executive Bolt-Action Pen is handcrafted to exude modern elegance. Its weighted, ergonomic configuration caters to your preferred handhold.

premium pen


Bastion Signature Craftsmanship

EDC pen with style & sophistication, Bastion Executive Bolt-Action Pen epitomizes timeless design shaping the future with functionality and minimalist design. The perfect partner for all of your writing, it features a well-balanced sleek shape that sits comfortably in your hand for a writing experience that’s at once practical and luxurious.

Premium Quality You Deserve

Bastion Luxury Pen is available in 5 variants: Pure Stainless Steel, Carbon Fiber Outer Body, with or without Black PVD Coating, and Pure Titanium. Both use ballpoint tip technology that is refillable. The pens are made of premium materials giving them balanced weight, expensive feel, and ergonomic solid grip.

Designed to be Your Everyday Carry Pen

Whether you are taking notes, writing a list, or completely redesigning your home or workspace, a Bastion pen is for you! With your Bastion Executive Bolt-Action Pen in hand and the right detail-oriented approach, you can creatively conquer any project.

Executive Pen Featuring...

  • 100% Titanium
  • Retractable Ballpoint
  • Easy Refill - Click Here for cartridges
  • Emergency Self-Defense
  • Customer Support

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Minimum $150
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Bastion Gear was formed in 2012 with the goal to make quality everyday carry gear and accessories! We design and test all of our products to be sure they are best of the best. We are constantly innovating and always working on new products using only the best premium and unique materials. We want to become a one-stop shop for your gear and accessory needs with a unique product selection. We have something for everyone! Please reach out to us with any questions you may have as we are all about the best customer service! We hope you like our products.
Titanium - Bastion® Bolt Action Pen