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Tongue Steel Set 12 inch

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Create Music that Summons Feelings of Peace and Harmony

The Alloy Steel Drum is a melodic percussion instrument that promotes self-expression through music. Its soft, relaxing, and melodious sounds make it a popular instrument for music therapy and reflexology. Its handling is very easy and playful so that from the first try you can create melodies that will enchant you with their beauty. Even beginners can easily master and play wonderful music. It is very suitable for children's music education so that he can play with ease and will not feel boring.

Touch The Soul's Music

Great For Meditation:
The age-old Chinese melody is a pure gem for personal meditation or yoga practice. The music therapists recommend the drum to calm your mind & reduce anger or stress.

Modern Sound Technology:
Alloy Steel Tongue Drum features modern technology, advanced sound theory & innovative design. Use your creativity for artistic music anytime.

Nuisance-Free Sound Quality:
The water-based print surface of the Alloy Steel Tongue Drum & wear-resistant properties ensures anti-fading & crystal clear sound quality.

Main Features:

• The water-based paint surface, nuisance-free and wear-resistant and does not fade
• Shaped like pebbles and ethereal sounds
• Hand-built, artificially tuned, and the tone is accurate and sound
• Great for personal meditation, yoga practice, music therapists, performances, religious activities, etc.

The Sound of Healing that Leads to Non-Ordinary Reality 

Enjoy the soothing and anti-stress sounds of HealDrum! It is very easy to play and is the perfect gift for anyone who feels stressed.
Release the calming and anti-stress power of the Drum!

Why is Tongue Drum Unique?

We have created some unique design parameters that make the best possible steel tongue percussion drum. This creates a more complex and musical tone for each note. By placing low notes next to the appropriate higher notes we achieve multiple harmonics. We have tested the sound quality of different types of steel and use a unique mixture of alloying elements to achieve the best sound possible. We also use our own unique mold for shaping the steel into the drum.

Enhances Yoga, Meditation, Prayer, Chakra Healing, and Mindset

The Tongue Drum is used worldwide for yoga, meditation, and spiritual healing by energy healers, spiritual practitioners, teachers of all kinds, and those just looking to experience a beautiful daily resonance.

The sound and vibrations promote a relaxed state perfect for deep meditation, creative thinking, and, intuitive messages.

Anyone can play the Tongue Drum. Whether if you require relaxation after a hard-working day, or if you want to develop a good sense of rhythm or educate the mind, the Hue Drum is for you.

A sound you won't forget 

The drum is often praised for its relaxing sounds and meditative effects.
All of our drums are tuned to the C major scale, which means they will produce beautiful sounds whether you are an experienced musician or a beginner.
To play the drum you can use the hands or mallets provided to start producing beautiful music. 

Handcrafted to Perfection

Alloy Steel Tongue Drum made of Steel-Titanium alloy having excellent resonance vibration and professionally tuned to deliver the best sounding experience. 
Beautifully finished and very sturdy, each drum comes with its own elegant and practical carrying case. It`s easy to pick up and play, in everywhere.

Package Include:

1 x Steel HealDrum
1 х Bag
1 x pair of Mallets(FREE)
1 x Music Book(FREE)
1 x set of notes stickers(FREE)

Once you have moved to a more advanced level, it`s easy to remove the numbers from the top of the Healdrum for a more perfect aesthetic look. The numbers are simply stickers designed to help you memorize tunes. On the other hand, we have also included an additional set of stickers for replacement, designed with particularly determined and vigorous drummers in mind.

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Tongue Steel Set 12 inch