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Unscented Coconut Candle

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No Dyes • No Fragrance • Just The Good Stuff

Unscented is our line of products that contain no fragrances and dyes! This is perfect for people who are fragrance-sensitive but still want to enjoy the ambiance of a candle.


  • Coconut wax blend is all-natural and vegan made in the U.S.
  • Burns cleaner and cooler compared to soy.
    • 4.5 oz burns approx. 25-30 hours
    • 7.5 oz burns approx. 45-50 hours
  • 1 candle = 1 tree planted
    • Reuseable aluminum tin 
    • 100% recyclable packaging

    • Non-toxic and pet-friendly

    Made With
    • Sustainable Coconut Wax Blend

    • Natural Flat-Braided Cotton Wick

      Care + Use
      • Trim'em: Cut the wick 1/8 inch before each burn. You can use wick trimmers, nail clippers, or you can even pinch off the burnt ends with your finger!

      • Get Lit: On your first burn, allow your candle to reach full melt pool, roughly 2-4 hours. This will help your candle last longer and prevent tunneling.

      • All Burnt Out: Stop burning when there's 1/2 inch of wax left to prevent the vessel from overheating. 
      • Repurpose: Turn your vessel into a flower pot or a stationery holder! Check out our blog for more ideas.

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      Sun Kissed & Co.

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      Sacramento, CA
      Hi! I'm Kimberly, the creator, and founder of Sun Kissed & Co. It all started when I was finishing my last quarter at the University of California, Santa Barbara, during the pandemic, and I needed some self-care to get through it. Eventually, my passion project grew into something more than just a hobby, but a full-time business! Sun Kissed & Co. was born from my desire to merge self-care with our environment together. I believe that mental wellness goes hand in hand with physical wellness, so why not design products that serve both needs? Our products are designed with you in mind to support your physical wellbeing and your mental health – from dry skin to relaxation time before bedtime; we have you covered. We're all about health and wellness, and we want to make sure our products are good for you and better for the world. All of our products are made from all-natural and clean ingredients. To minimize our carbon footprint, we partnered up with One Tree Planted to plant trees worldwide for every purchase!