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Minimum $250 - New York, NY

Handcrafted collection of unique jewelry, home décor, healing crystals, table top, childrens, wellness, yoga, pet & hair accessories. Designer Ariana Ost elevates the everyday by creating decorative objects infused with soul, conviction & healing energy.

Home & Lifestyle

Aura Quartz Coaster

Retail $30.00

Floral Wall Hanging

Retail $140.00

Floral Napkin Ring

Retail $24.00

Floral charger

Retail $120.00

Trellis Coaster

Retail $20.00

Tassel Mobile

Retail $180.00

Zodiac Ornament

Retail $36.00

Yoga Pose Ornaments

Retail from $24.00

Ariana Ost