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Minimum $500 - BEND, OR

Branch+Barrel is a small, husband and wife, artist-run jewelry company based in Bend, Oregon. Our hand-made designs utilize natural wood, botanicals, and reclaimed oak barrel staves accented with hand-forged precious metals. Our wood is sustainably sourced and collected from some of our favorite places around the country and chosen to highlight the natural beauty and diversity of the landscape that surrounds us. Our staves are reclaimed oak barrels from wineries, distilleries and craft breweries. Each hand-cut segment displays the marks of the wine or spirit that the barrel originally held in the form of either red staining or a rich bourbon char. Each piece tells a story of the journey from the coopers workshop to the glass. Branch+Barrel focuses it’s attention on the natural imperfections in our wood and the staining in the reclaimed barrels and highlights them using pigments and resin. This accentuates the neutral hues of the grain to create a harmony of color. This balance is juxtaposed with the brilliance of faceted silvers and golds. Every finished piece is a one-of-a-kind statement that is not only unique to the wearer but has a story to tell.

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Globe Thistle Fan Earrings

Retail from $88.00

"Atoll" Juniper Earrings

Retail from $138.00

"Archipelago" Cork Earrings

Retail from $74.00

Lavender Teardrop Earring

Retail from $88.00

Basswood Marquise Earrings

Retail from $62.00

Basswood Sunrise Necklace

Retail from $104.00